A senior Chinese military official emphasized China's commitment to resolving maritime disputes through dialogue during a meeting in Qingdao. However, he warned against any attempts to exploit or provoke China.

The meeting coincided with the start of joint military exercises between the U.S. and the Philippines, held outside Philippine territorial waters for the first time. The official stressed that the sea should not be a battleground for countries to show off military strength.

He cautioned against actions that could escalate tensions, particularly in the South China Sea, where China and the Philippines are in a standoff. The official urged countries to avoid maritime containment and island blockades, which could lead to division and instability.

U.S. and Philippine navies sink ship in South China Sea War Games U.S. and Philippine navies sink ship in South China Sea War Games

The symposium brought together naval delegations from various countries, including the U.S., Australia, France, India, Russia, and Britain. Despite being a member, the Philippines did not attend.

Discussions at the symposium focused on reducing tensions at sea and establishing guidelines for encounters between naval forces. Participants also considered forming a new working group to address unmanned systems, with China leading coordination efforts.

Overall, the meeting provided an opportunity for countries with differing regional interests to engage in dialogue and exchange views on maritime issues.