The ship, measuring 104 meters long and weighing about 10,000 tonnes, recently docked in Nansha District, Guangzhou City.

This vessel, designed and built entirely in China, is equipped for deep-sea scientific investigations and cultural relic excavations. It can also operate in polar regions during the summer, with the ability to break ice in two directions.

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Capable of accommodating 80 people, the ship can reach speeds of up to 16 knots (about 30 kilometers per hour) and travel up to 15,000 nautical miles.

Construction began in June 2023, with an investment of around 800 million yuan (approximately $112.7 million). Key technologies, such as intelligent control and ice zone payload design, have been developed domestically, reducing reliance on imported components.

Before its planned delivery in early 2025, the vessel will undergo testing and outfitting. It's expected to serve as a collaborative platform for maritime research and innovation in China, showcasing the country's progress in deep-sea exploration and ship design for polar regions.

The vessel will also enhance China's capabilities in manned deep-sea diving and archaeological research.