IMRF celebrates its historic 100th anniversary IMRF celebrates its historic 100th anniversary

Furthermore, the construction of Adora Magic City's sister ship, boasting an extended body and increased displacement, is already underway. The report states that the general design process has reached an impressive 80 percent completion.

As China's domestic cruise ship sector continues to burgeon, the Global Times has gathered that various ports across the country are optimizing their services to accommodate the growing demand for cruise ship travel.

In East China's Fujian Province, Pingtan port is actively spearheading a cruise ship business project initiated by the local government. This initiative includes upgrades to port facilities and negotiations for new routes, according to Shi Xiong, an official from the port's office, who spoke to the Global Times on Sunday.

Shi explained, "We've transformed a port berth into a versatile facility capable of accommodating both passenger and cargo ships. Additionally, we've erected a new clearance hall near the berth for the convenience of inbound and outbound passengers, ensuring the capacity for cruise ship business."

Pingtan port achieved a significant milestone when it welcomed its first international cruise ship, the Blue Dream Star, owned by a Chinese company. The ship set sail from Pingtan on November 19, 2023, carrying 553 passengers to Philippine Subic Bay.

This inaugural operation laid the foundation for the development of the local cruise ship-based tourism sector. The official of Pingtan port anticipates an acceleration in this development as the nation's consumption continues to recover.

Shi disclosed ongoing negotiations among various stakeholders to open new cruise ship routes from Pingtan port, with a scheduled finalization in March 2024. He added that the new routes may encompass Taiwan island and ASEAN countries.

In the wake of Adora Magic City's successful commercial operations, numerous ports and cruise companies have announced plans to recommence relevant business activities, aligning with the gradual recovery of tourism consumption.

A recent report by CMG highlighted that on January 14, the international cruise ship Dream embarked on a journey from Sanya International Cruise Port in South China's Hainan Province, carrying 599 passengers to Vietnam's Hạ Long Bay. The ship is set to be based in Sanya, completing a total of 15 voyages through March 31.

An official from the port of Guangzhou revealed that Nansha International Cruise Port in Guangzhou, South China's Guangdong Province, is also gearing up to relaunch cruise services, further signaling the revival of the industry.