China has strongly opposed a recent move by the U.S. to investigate its maritime, logistics, and shipbuilding sectors, labeling it as a "mistake on top of a mistake."

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce criticized the U.S. for providing significant subsidies to its own industries while accusing China of unfair practices.

The U.S. Trade Representative initiated the probe, alleging that China employs unfair policies to dominate these sectors. China insists that its industry development stems from technological innovation and fair market competition.

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In response, China called on the U.S. to respect multilateral rules and vowed to defend its rights. The investigation follows a petition by five national labor unions, prompting the U.S. Trade Representative to pledge a thorough examination of concerns.

President Biden has also called for increased tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum imports to safeguard American industries, accusing China of unfair trade practices.

Experts suggest the investigation could escalate tensions between the two countries, particularly given the upcoming election season in the U.S., where both parties vie to demonstrate toughness on China.