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British security firm Ambrey reported that the vessel was hit about 67.7 nautical miles southwest of Hodeidah, attributing the incident to Yemen’s Houthi militia based on the attack's characteristics.

The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) detailed that a small white craft, 5-7 meters long, collided with the ship’s stern. A source from the Greek shipping ministry noted the vessel was also attacked from the air, a claim later verified by UKMTO.

The shipmaster reported water ingress and loss of crew control over the vessel, as per an updated UKMTO report. The vessel was being aided by military authorities, though specifics were not disclosed.

The Greek ministry source confirmed the ship was en route to India at the time of the attack and that the vessel suffered dual assaults by air and sea, with no reported injuries. The ship’s manager was unavailable for immediate comment.

Houthi militants, controlling Yemen’s capital and major regions, have been attacking international shipping in the Red Sea since November in support of Palestinians amid the Israel-Hamas conflict, leading to retaliatory U.S. and British strikes since February.