British Foreign Secretary David Cameron announced more than 50 new sanctions targeting Russian President Vladimir Putin and individuals and businesses allegedly involved in the Ukraine-Russia war.

These sanctions include Beks Ship Management and Active Shipping, which are stated to be operating in the Russian energy sector as part of Russia's shadow fleet. In addition, Çözüm Yazılım Donanım Elektronik, which is noted to have played a role in supplying electronic devices necessary for war machines to the sanctioned Russian company Fastimpex, is also on the list.

New companies are facing sanctions

The move also affects Arctic LNG 2, oil trader Niels Troost, and his Swiss company Paramount Energy & Commodities. Azia Shipping Company and Ibex Shipping, accused of transferring weapons from North Korea to Russia, are also facing sanctions.

Both Fractal and Beks have significantly expanded their fleets in recent years. UK Foreign Minister David Cameron stated that the international economic pressure is making it difficult for Russia to sustain the illegal invasion, and these sanctions aim to deprive Putin of the resources needed for the ongoing war.

The UK government plans to strengthen its existing powers to target "malign Russian shipping activity and individual 'shadow fleet' vessels" used by Russia.