Five Indian sailors released from MSC Aries in Iran Five Indian sailors released from MSC Aries in Iran

The owners, Grace Ocean Private Limited, and the manager, Synergy Marine Private Limited, have already sought to limit their liability through a court petition.

The closure of the region's busiest maritime transit port following the bridge collapse has had severe repercussions.

Baltimore City is seeking a jury trial to ensure the defendants are held fully responsible for the incident.

The lawsuit alleges that the collapse occurred due to the gross negligence and recklessness of the ship's owners and managers, as well as the unseaworthiness of the vessel.

Grace Ocean and Synergy Marine have petitioned to cap their liability under maritime law, estimating it at $43.6 million. However, the city argues that this amount falls short of the losses and damages resulting from the incident.

The lawsuit highlights the ship's departure from the port despite its unseaworthy condition and the alleged incompetence of its crew.

The aftermath of the collapse has led to significant disruptions in maritime activities, with temporary channels only able to accommodate a fraction of the pre-collapse traffic.

While investigations into the collapse are ongoing, the owners and managers of the Dali have refrained from commenting on the litigation.

The tragedy also claimed the lives of six construction workers, with two bodies still missing. Recovery efforts are ongoing, with thousands of tons of debris being cleared from the water and the ship.

The crew members of the Dali, predominantly of Indian origin, remain aboard the ship without a clear timeline for disembarkation or resuming operations.