identity of the company is known to ShippingWatch, but they cannot disclose it due to source protection reasons.

The news of the agreement caused a significant reaction in the stock market, with share prices dropping for major global container shipping companies like A.P. Moller - Maersk and Hapag-Lloyd AG.

The implication is that one of these major shipping companies, which traverse the Red Sea on their routes from Asia to Europe, may be involved in the agreement with the Houthi rebels. However, without the specific company's name, the details remain speculative.

Approximately 12% of worldwide trade and 10% of maritime oil trade traverse the Red Sea. This body of water is delineated by two critical chokepoints: to the north lies Egypt's Suez Canal, and to the south is the Bab al-Mandab, also known as the "Gate of Tears." This strait, situated between Yemen and Djibouti on the east coast of Africa, is approximately 20 miles wide at its narrowest point and is currently witnessing a series of attacks.