Long-Term International Shipping Costs Expected to Rise Long-Term International Shipping Costs Expected to Rise

The new company will operate independently with its own vessels, aiming to introduce fresh capacity into the inland shipping market. The founders have not disclosed details about the fleet yet.

Stream Shipping's mission is to enhance sustainable logistics, focusing on reducing CO2 emissions. This will be achieved through innovative hull designs, advanced propulsion systems, and exploring alternative fuel developments. The company also aims to provide added value to partners of Amer Shipping and MSG.

Amer Shipping, a fourth-generation family business, operates a fleet of 20 vessels and annually transports approximately 8.5 million tons of cargo across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Northern France. Its partner, MSG, is a significant player in Europe’s inland shipping industry, specializing in dry bulk transport within the Rhine-Main-Danube corridor with a fleet of around 60 ships.

In a joint statement, the management teams of Amer Shipping and MSG expressed their enthusiasm for the new venture: “We are thrilled to introduce Stream Shipping to the market and achieve new sustainability milestones. Both Amer Shipping and MSG share common values and objectives in modern logistics on Europe’s waterways. The formation of Stream Shipping amplifies our synergies and collective potential.”

Stream Shipping aims to set new standards in the inland shipping industry by leveraging the expertise and resources of its founding companies to promote environmentally friendly and efficient transportation solutions.